Stopping CyberBulling

What is Cyberbullying

Cyberbullying- is when people gets online and starts to talk trash about someone else to make that person feel bad about them self's. Like when some one post a picture and someone else comments mean thing s and its hurting the person who posted it and they feel bad about their self.

Examples of Cyberbullying

  • Rumors posted in social media saying things that isn't true.
  • Embarrassing pictures.
  • fake pages.

Three differences between cyberbullying and bullying

  1. Cyberbullying can happen 24/7.
  2. Deleting inappropriate pictures and other harassing things can be very hard to do after they have been posted.
  3. messages and images can be posted quickly to an world wide audience

Effects of cyberbullying

  1. use of any kind of drugs and alcohol .
  2. skipping school or classes .
  3. in-person bullying.
  4. low self esteem.

Prevention and Awareness

  • find out what website your kid is using or visiting and ask why.
  • ask for their passwords, and tell them that you will only use for emergencies.
  • ask to friend or follow on their social media sites or another trusted adult.
  • have sense in what they do and text and find out why they like that site(s) so much, and try out the devices they use.