Self Driving Cars

Self driving cars are something you would imagine in the future, but now they are a reality. The state of Nevada is finalizing new rules to allow self driving cars. Google has created the first self driving car. It has an $80,000 cone shaped laser mounted on its roof and radars on its front back and sides.

Anthony Levandowski, one of the leaders of Google’s self-driving car project. Levandowski is in the passenger seat and Chris Urmson is behind the wheel. But his hands are in his lap and the wheel is gently turning on California's busy highway 85.

This self driving car can slow down for sharp turns and tries to stay out of blind spots of other vehicles. They have been working on self driving car technology for over a decade.

His first car managed to travel 11 mph. There new vehicle is a giant step forward.

While they were driving a motorcycle cut them of. They didn’t notice, but the car did and slowed down. This is an example of how precise this car is. It notices every move and can react to them.

In conclusion, Google’s self driving car is a big step in technology. The self driving car may soon be something you will you could be driving.