Communication Chronicle 2-11-16


Staying in the Loop!

  1. The PLC Meeting will be held on February 24th. PLC are only being held once a month.
  2. New ID Badges were given out to staff on each campus. If you did not receive a badge, please do not worry. The new badges are going to be for the new door swipes which have not been installed. We will keep you posted on this!
  3. A ScIP meeting occurred on February 10th and the discussion revolved around increasing morale. If you have viable suggestions or ideas please see one of the ScIP members. ScIP Committee Members: Michelle Flood, Debbie Karwoski, Janice Strug, Patty Wilkins, Bill Clark, Kelly Fletcher, Kathy Koch, Adell Valasek, Michael Graff, Al McHugh, Linda McKinney, and Barbara Will
  4. Please ensure you are on the correct email distribution list and if you are not then you need to notify your supervisor.
  5. Classroom door windows are not permitted to be covered by municipal code. Please remove any coverings. This does not apply in lockdown or emergency situations when we need to cover the door window.,
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Teacher Tips!

  1. It is that time again where we need to write our IEP goals and objectives. It is important to remember to write goals that are measurable and observable. Here is a link on how to write SMART goals
  2. Here are helpful tips on classroom management strategies. Effective classroom management skills can help keep your students safe, on task, and engaged.

Quote of the Week

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Reminders from Last Week!

  1. The 2015-2016 School Calendar has been revised! Click on the link to view. The last day of school is now June 20, 2016.
  2. No School on February 12 nor the 15th. We have a LONG weekend! Enjoy the break!
  3. Parent Teacher Conferences are coming up on February 17th and 18th! All teachers are to report back for this event on February 18th (excluding teachers from the autism program who are required to attend the Poster Presentation event). Teacher Assistants are not required to attend the evening event on February 18th.
  4. Teachers: SGO mid year check form due to your Supervisor on February 11th.
  5. A Nutrition and Feeding Guideline and Policy was established in June 2015. This new protocol is in place to identify students with feeding needs and issues. If you have students with this type of need please inform your designated contact. Elem: Deb Jackson, MS: Jennifer Bergman, HS: Deb Milliken.
  6. The DEAC committee will be sending out a survey soon in order to narrow down the choices for professional development for next year.
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February Birthdays!!

  • T. Belz 2-16
  • M. Brown 2-7
  • S. Cronin 2-7
  • J. Dennion 2-26
  • D. Dodulik-Swern 2-2
  • J. Duckett 2-11
  • T. Duckett 2-12
  • P. Egan 2-1
  • L. Eischen 2-7
  • M. Farmer 2-15
  • L. Fryar 2-23
  • D. Karr 2-10
  • D. Karwoski 2-11
  • R. Lallo 2-22
  • R. LeCates 2-11
  • E. Newman-Engber 2-26
  • D. Parker 2-22
  • E. Roessler 2-28
  • A. Szymula 2-6
  • D. Trevino 2-5
  • L. Warren 2-1