The Orchard Winter Newsletter

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Sunday School

For the next two months we will be continuing our study of the Patriarchs. Focusing on Jacob and Joseph we will learn of the formation of the 12 tribes of Israel. In these stories we continue to witness God's love for His children as he works out the beginnings of His plan to redeem. We are off on another exciting quarter of learning!

January and February Lessons - Sunday School

Jan 3rd - Jacob tricks Esau Gen. 25:19-34
Jan 10th - Jacob tricks Isaac Gen. 27:1-41
Jan 17th Jacob has a dream Gen. 18:10-22
Jan 24th Laban tricks Jacob Gen. 29:13-30
Jan 31st Jacob goes home Gen. 32:1-21
Feb. 7th Joseph's brothers sell him Gen. 37:2-36
Feb. 14th Joseph interprets dreams Gen. 40:1-23
Feb. 21st Joseph helps Pharaoh Gen. 41:14-57
Feb. 28th Joseph's brothers go to Egypt Gen. 42:1-38