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November 16-November 22, 2015

Intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease only at death.

Albert Einstein

Teacher Excellence Initiative

As we move closer to the time when Summative Evaluations are conducted, it is important that everyone understand the T.E.I. Rubric used to evaluate teacher performance. There are a couple of pieces that will be used during the Summative Evaluation that may not be evaluated during the regular spot observation. Indicator 2.6-Activates Higher Order Thinking is another important criteria that address classroom culture. Establishing the use of accountable talk stems helps support student rich dialogue. The stems serve as an easy guide to help students facilitate their learning. Implementing this habit as a norm takes time. Beginning the practice of using accountable talk stems now and consistently encouraging their use will support student and teacher success!
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Full House At Saturday School

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Perfect attendance student recieves a Kindle for reading

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2015-2016 Key Actions

  1. Use of Teacher Excellence Initiative and spot observations to evaluate use of data to facilitate small group instruction within class to meet the needs of students who may struggle with understanding the first delivery of instruction. Problem areas must be anticipated and planned for daily.
  2. Use of Teacher Excellence Initiative to emphasize the use of an effective Demonstration of Learning to measure student understanding of concepts.
  3. Use of bell to bell instruction to increase instructional efficiency by minute to minute planning of classroom instruction.
  4. Enhance CATE Pathways through inventory of 21st century practices and strengthen alignment between NAF/State expectations and actual campus classroom practice to assure that students are career ready upon graduation from Emmett J. Conrad High School.
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Academy of Engineering & Robotics

On November 7th, the Conrad RoboChargers competed in the BEST Robotics competition Paydirt. Their challenge was to build a robot from a closed kit of basic materials that could navigate the “mine” and retrieve minerals for points. The details of the team’s progress are on their blog page. Despite it being their first year competing in BEST, the team had the 5th strongest score of over 25 teams, and they won an award for the Most Robust robot. What’s next for the RoboChargers? They will be hosting a FIRST Lego League tournament at Conrad on December 5th, and preparing for the FIRST Robotics Competition season that kicks off on January 9th. Interested in joining the team? Swing by 1-404 on Tuesdays or Thursdays after school and say hello!

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This Week...

Monday, November 16

Tuesday, November 17
7th Period-Anti Bullying Presentation (9th & 10th Graders)
5/6:30/8:00-Boys Basketball at Irving Nimitz
6/7:30pm-Varsity Basketball(Girls) vs Kimball @ Conrad High School

Wednesday, November 18

6pm Varsity Wrestling at Conrad High School

Thursday, November 19

4:30-5:30pm-New Teacher PD, Library Conference Room

6:00pm-Boys & Girls Swim Meet

Friday, November 20

6/7:30pm-Varsity Basketball(Girls) vs Carter @ Conrad High School

Saturday, November 21

8:30am-12:30pm-Saturday School

7am-6pm-Orchestra Clinic

8am-5pm-DUDA City Championship @ W.T. White

Announcements & Action Items

  1. Please post lesson plans in a visible place for visitors to access. (Remember lesson plans should reflect pacing by the minute for components within the lesson plan)
  2. Be sure and review spot observation data and make the necessary adjustment before your next spot observation occurs.

Coming Soon...

November 25-27-Thanksgiving Holiday

December 4-College & Career Day

8 Things to Look for in Today's Classroom

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