Prepare to step into the future

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The setting of this book is in a feature Chicago

  • People know nothing about the other cities
  • People were put into a social system
  • People are controlled by serums
  • Had little freedom
  • The government was a dictatorship


  1. Tris and Tobias leave their city
  2. They meet the people from the outside world
  3. They meet the leader of the experiments
  4. Tris learns more about her mom
  5. Tris and Tobias learn if they are genetically pure
  6. They learn about the creation of the experiments
  7. There is an attack on the base in which they are staying
  8. Problems start occurring in the city
  9. The base plans to intervene
  10. Tris stops the base from intervening

Characteristics of Tris

  1. Strong-After going through Dauntless training she gets stronger
  2. Willing-She is willing to make hard choices
  3. Kind-She is always trying to make everything better
  4. Determined-She does her best in every situation
  5. Brave-She is Dauntless


Tris-Is the main character

Tobias-Is Tris's boyfriend

Christina-Is one of Tris's close friends

Cara-Is another friend of Tris's

Evelyn-Is Tobias's mother


While this is the last book in the series, I predict that Tobias will help his mom find a job and home in Chicago. Also I think that he will spend more time with his friends form the other books.