$20 for 2-hours Computer Help

Stay home, I'll visit you. No Hidden Fees or Tricky Pricing!

San Antonio, TX

Why Choose Me?

  1. I visit you. No dropping off and picking up your computer, save gas, time and money.
  2. Satisfaction guaranteed. If your not happy with my service don't pay.
  3. 10+ years of experience with computers, the internet, and technology.
  4. I speak English not hard-to-understand computer language.
  5. Best price in San Antonio, TX. Nobody will visit your home or office and give you 2-hours of computer help for $20.

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Computer Repair, Virus Removal, Desktop Repair, Laptop/Notebook Repair, Computer Training

Virus and Spyware Removal

  • Stop bad guys from spying on you, collecting your passwords, stealing personal information or credit card numbers
  • Viruses attack your computer by deleting or damaging your files
  • Malware can give access and control of your computer to hackers
  • Identity theft happens all-the-time so protect yourself

Computer Tune-up

  • Speed up your computer so you can work or play faster
  • Delete files and folders you no longer use to free up space and improve speed
  • Reorganize fragmented files to speed up hard drive and reduce risk-of-failure
  • Computer Cleaning
    • Dust can cause your computer to overheat and damage it
    • Avoid having to buy a new computer


  • Weird computer noises
  • Blue screen, freezes, crashes, error messages, restarts randomly
  • Won’t turn on
  • Missing cd/dvd drive or won’t play disc
  • Printer isn’t working

Wireless Networking

  • Securely share your internet with your other computers and devices
  • Connect with phones, tablets, gaming consoles, wifi tv’s, wifi blu-ray players, and more
  • No more wires

Install and Remove Software

  • Save money by installing popular free software
  • Free up space by removing unused software
  • Windows reinstallation

Internet Connection Problems

  • Can’t connect to the internet
  • Slow internet connection
  • Weak wireless signal
  • Can’t play online games

Phones and Tablets

  • Improve battery life by optimizing device and power settings
  • Use all the features and install the best apps
  • Connect with bluetooth headset or accessories
  • Setup email accounts on your phone or tablet
  • Troubleshoot device issues

Backup Your Files or Move Them

  • Never lose irreplaceable files such as photos, email, documents, music
  • Move files from your old computer to your new one

Block Internet Sites

  • Prevent your kids from visiting inappropriate internet sites
  • Know what your kids are doing online without them knowing you’re watching
  • Limit how much time they spend online

Computer Training

  • Don’t know how to do something, I’ll show you how
    • Safely use the internet
    • Email basics and other ways to communicate online
    • Use google to find what you’re looking for
    • Connect with friends on facebook
    • Become familiar with google chrome
    • Get to know your smartphone or tablet
    • Create documents and spreadsheets using microsoft word and excel

Hardware Install and Setup

  • Printer, scanner, and fax
  • External hard drive, cd/dvd drive, media card readers
  • Video cards, ram memory, hard drives, sound cards, network cards
  • Keyboard, mouse, speakers, microphone, webcam, digital camera, camcorder

Ipod and Mp3 Players

  • Connect to computer to copy music, photos, and videos

Network Setup

  • Print from any computer in your home
  • Share music, photos, videos, and files between all your computers

Pay by: Cash, Check, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover.

Opening hours:

Monday-Friday: 9am-7pm

Saturday: 10am-5pm

Sunday: Closed


Hi, my name is Nathan and I've worked with computers and the internet since 1999. I'm CompTIA A+ certified and know lot's, whatever you need help with I'm sure I can help.