BK Library Newsletter

January 2016

Welcome to 2016 and 2nd Semester

Overdue Books

If you still have a book from first semester, it is probably overdue. Please either return it or stop by and have us renew it for 4 more weeks.

We Have Another Printer

Thank you to the BK Administrative team for providing students with a second printer in the library. Students can now pick up their print jobs at either printer. The new one only does black & white printing, so if color is needed, use the original printer by the library doors. Make sure you pick the short line when printing to get your assignment without as much waiting.

Wednesday Office Hours Period

With the change from Monday Meeting Period to Wednesday Office Hours, access to the library will also change. We want to have a quiet place for those students who need to use this time for study. Please come to the library only if you have classwork you need to do.

Research Made Easier

With 3rd quarter upon us, research becomes the name of the game. The library has many resources to help make this process simple & elegant. Try the following tools when teachers ask you to complete an assignment that needs research.

Research Page

Following the tab marked 'Research' on the main library website, will lead you to pages of resources that help with finding and presenting information.

Research Guides: arranged by curriculum area, these offer lists of books, databases, and websites that are reliable for research.
Search for Information: Google is not the only search engine. Try a new one and see if the results are different.
Evaluate you information before you use it: find two tools to help you decide if the website you found has reliable information.
Cite you sources: Use you EasyBib account (access using your BK email, and the password 'knights') to keep track of your sources, and then easily create a bibliography.
Tech Tools: provides links to alternative ways to find, organize, and present the information you have found.


Databases provide reliable resources any time you need information. Teachers know that good researchers use quality information...and that is what is contained in the databases. These are arranged by vendor, with the Gale Databases found on the first page, and all others on the 'Other Digital Resources' button. These include ebooks, magazines, newspapers, reference books, audio, video, primary sources, maps, and much more.


Plagiarism occurs when one uses the words of someone else without giving them credit. Merriam-Webster defines it as 'literary theft'. Tools to help avoid plagiarizing while you research and write can be found at Plagiarism.org This includes a plagiarism checker if you are not using Turnitin. The flowchart below can also help you determine if what you are writing is plagiarized.
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