Chemical Reactions

BY: Aaron Whigham

Aluminium and Iodine reaction

In this video you will witness what occurs when you mix the two elements of aluminum and iodine. You can tell that a chemical reaction has taken place due to the changes in color during the process.

  • Chemical formula: 2Al + 3I2 → 2AlI3
Aluminium and Iodine reaction

Thermite vs. Liquid Nitrogen

Thermite is a mixture of aluminum and iron oxide, which produces a very high temperature when it reacts. Liquid Nitrogen on the other hand is a very cold chemical with a boiling point of - 196 degrees Celsius. Now what will happen if you mix these two together? Do you think that the Liquid nitrogen will be able to keep the Thermite cool? Watch to find out. Notice that we can tell a chemical reaction has occurred through the light/fire that we observe at the end of the experiment.

  • Thermite Reaction (aluminum and iron(III) oxide) Fe2O3 + 2 Al ) → Al2O3 + 2 Fe
  • Liquid Nitrogen N2

Reaction Formula: Al2O3 + 2 Fe + 2N →

Brainiac Thermite and Liquid Nitrogen

Mercury(II) thiocyanate decomposition

this video show that When the compound is in the presence of a strong enough heat source, a rapid exothermic reaction is started which produces a large mass of coiling serpent-like solid.

2 HSCN + HgO → Hg(SCN)2 + H2O

Pharaoh's serpent