News From Room 121

Volume 1 Welcome Back

Math News

In math we are exploring the calendar. We are discussing how many days we have been in school and how many more days are left. We are also discussing tally marks and days of the week. This week we have worked on number formation. Next week, we will begin to look at measurement. The children will be learning how to measure using various objects.

Reading News

We have jumped right into our new reading program. The children have been learning routines to ease our class into reader's workshop. We also have started Fundations, which is so much fun. Ask your child about Echo the owl.

Writing Workshop

Writing Workshop has begun. Today we talked about writing from the heart. The children discussed about things they love. We will be writing more and more each day. Please return the writing homework as soon as possible.

Science/Social Studies/Health

We are becoming a classroom family. We discussed mosquito bites vs. tiger bites. We made a set of rules for our classroom. Throughout the week, we practiced various drills to prepare us for the year. We also watched The Magic School Bus to introduce planting and seeds. This unit will start next week.


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