Miss Hoppes' Kindergarten

Weekly Update

November 4th through November 8th

Hello friends! We have been very busy this week discussing Thanksgiving, turkeys, gobbling and our honored veterans. The students have learned so much about what it means to be a veteran through storybooks, coloring books and literacy assignments. They seem very excited to celebrate these American heroes. They were so surprised to see how many veterans we have just from our class! This ties in very well with Thanksgiving because we are also discussing things that we are thankful for. Junie B. Jones and her friends are thankful for cranberry jelly that looks like a can and exploding biscuits :) Next week, a homework assignment will be to create a list of things that you are thankful for. In years past, I have wanted the list to be structured and more thought out, but if the students say they are thankful for things like Cheetos or cookies, let's just go with it. It will give us all a good laugh when I compile the list. We have been reading our List One of the Fry sight word list almost every day and about half the class can read the list all on their own! They are really practicing and I see how much they are improving. In math, we have been heavily focusing on the teen numbers. Ask your child about our "team of teens". We have watched a short video clip about teen numbers, traced them in the sand, used chalk to create them and cut out numbers and glued them in order from 1-20. We have been talking about living vs. non-living in science. It coincided nicely with a story that we read in our reading unit about Humphrey the Whale. Maybe some of you remember when the whale swam up the Sacramento River in the 80s. The kids and I spent a couple of days talking about how Humphrey needed to stay alive and we even saw some pictures of the original Humphrey! Also, we have a radish growing in our garden!! The previous classes have never been able to actually grow a vegetable, so we are very excited! Our wonderful room moms are getting our Thanksgiving Feast celebration ready, so be prepared for an update on this shortly.

Have a fabulous weekend!!