Barn Owl

By Malea and Haylee

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How Owls are dying and how we are helping them, By Haylee Flowers

In pages 35-36 in the book North American Owls tells about how owls are dying from DDT that is still in the soil and starvation from a low food supply. Many owlets do not reach adulthood because of a low food supply. When food is scarce the owlets are the first to suffer. If owlets do make it to adulthood they have a chance at a good long life. 50% of owlets die in their first year of life because of starvation. A large owl living in a wild area with a good food supply could survive up to 30 years without having to go anywhere else to live. An African eagle owl was 68 years old when it died. These were some facts about owlets and owls.

By:Malea Stoner How we are protecting owls from being killed

On 37-38 in the book North American Owls it provides information about how owls are being protected. First teenagers are building nests and homes in Oklahoma for Barn Owls to live in. Second in Arizona they are breeding owls in zoos and then letting them back out into the wild. Third DDT used to be a big problem and there is still some DDT in the soil (DDT is a harmful chemical to animals). Fourth scientists have put radio tags on baby owls so they can track were they go. Also owls are very camouflaged. Lastly scientist have night vision goggles and are learning a lot about owl.These are examples of what people are doing for Barn Owls.
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DDT: Is a harmful chemical that is in the soil

Owlets: Baby Owls

Starvation: When something or someone does not have food and is hungry

Camouflaged: When something is hidden and you can't see them very well

Adulthood:When it is an adult

Breeding:When a person is making an animal have a baby