Ocean Rising

By:Lauren M.

Starting Ocean Rising

Ocean rising is very bad. It starts by turning something on. Like the computer or TV. You might not know that you are doing it. Well when you turn something on it starts burning energy, and that burned energy turns into carbon dioxide. But you don't know carbon dioxide is very warm, and carbon dioxide is melting glaciers all around the world, and that is how ocean rising starts.

How Can You Help Stop Ocean Rising?

A way you can help stop ocean rising is to get active and go out and play, instead of watching the TV or getting on something electronic.

Spending time on the internet is bad. You need to get active and go outside!


Oceans have been rising 0.14-0.10 inches a year. Glaciers are falling into water causing oceans to rise. If ocean waters rise it could cause floods. SEa level will rise for another century if we don't do anything. Sea level started riseing in the 20th century. Sea level has been rising because carbon dioxide makes it warmer and heat will evaporate and make oceans rise. Sea level has been riseing faster since the 20th century. Sea level has been riseing for more than thousand years.


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