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The Global Investor Program and Permanent Residency Application

Attraction of foreign investment is a key policy of the Singapore government due to various benefits including increased employment levels, increased GDP and overall growth and development of the country. The global investor program was developed by the Singapore authorities to enhance attraction and retention of foreign investors.

Eligibility Criteria for Singapore PR Application
Becoming a Singapore permanent resident, through the global investor program requires certain conditions to be fulfilled. These are requirements proving your intention to invest in the country and the type of investment. Two options are recommended under the GIP;
One alternative requires an investor to invest in a business entity worth more than s$ 2.5 million, while the other alternative requires an individual to invest in a Singapore company with at least S$ 2.5 million.
To qualify under the global investor program, a good record of accomplishment of business is required and the investor shall prove success in business.

Assessment Requirements for the GIP Program
The board of contact Singapore has developed an assessment criterion to ensure good investments are made. These criteria include:
  • Provision of audited results of the company’s performance for the last three years: These provide the board with insight into the performance of the organization.
  • Companies in the real estate sector must prove a turnover of over S$ 200 million per year and must show results of the most current year:
  • Organizations in other economic sectors need to have a turnover of more than S$ 50 million per year.
  • The board also allows for consolidation of businesses in order to meet the stated criteria.
  • Other requirements include provision of a business plan of how you intend to conduct the business, and the particular achievements that must be completed in three years time.
What Are Some Family Provisions?
People with families are also allowed to settle with their families. Those members below 21 years of age can apply for permanent residence. Family members above 21 years old can apply for the “long term visit plan” whose renewal will be pegged on re entry renewal.

Singapore Permanent Resident Application
Applying for permanent residency requires fulfillment of the above criteria first. The application process is rather technical and may require specialized assistance. There are organizations providing expert help to business people and hence fast tracking the process of immigration and establishment of the business.

Getting Help from Icc Global
This is an organization dedicated to offering professional guidance on applying Singapore Permanent Resident. Interested people seeking this service are first required to meet the application criteria listed in the “contact Singapore website” after which Icc global takes over to assist with the technical requirements and processing of Singapore PR application.

The global investor program allows investors an avenue to expand their businesses into Singapore. Certain requirements must be fulfilled qualify as a good investor. Through this program, investors and their families can apply Singapore permanent resident status. “Lcc global” assists potential investors in applications and technical details of the process.