Academies of MGM

March Newsletter

Academy of Biomedical Sciences

PLTW Biomedical

Medical Intervention students tracked down the source of an infectious outbreak during their first few weeks of their biomedical course. Students used molecular techniques such as DNA BLAST analysis and an ELISA (Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay) to determine what the infectious agent was and who was patient zero in the disease model They are currently completing the infectious disease unit learning about antibiotic resistant bacteria and vaccine development.

Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine at MGM is rolling with the punches! We are in the beginning of our Spring sports season, which is the busiest time of year. Currently, the two courses being taught are Foundations of Health Science and Human Body Structures and Functions. In Foundations, we are in the middle of our Nutrition and the Athlete Unit. Students are learning how specific nutrition plans and elements not only affect the athletes build, but more importantly help and athlete prevent an injury or recover from one. In Human Body Structures and Functions, we have been focusing on our Injury Prevention Unit. This unit focuses on conditioning programs and injury prevention techniques. During these units, I like to focus on nutrition and hydration for a couple days. I have taken the opportunity to show the students how micronutrients from fruits and veggies affect our body as active athletes. One great way to consume these micronutrients is through juicing fresh vegetables and fruits. I have juiced a special concoction for the students to try, which you can see in the photos, they loved it haha. I enjoy these two units because our students can take this new knowledge and inform their fellow teammates and friends on how to better their performances and overall health.

Academy of Agri-Business

Plants Systems and Ag-Construction

Mary G. Montgomery’s Academy of Agribusiness students have been busy with construction projects and preparations for Spring plant sales at Viking Horticulture. Agri-Construction students built picnic tables and completed site prep for a concrete foundation in Horticulture. Students enrolled in the Plant Systems pathway have been busy transplanting and maintaining on-campus landscaping projects. MGM Horticulture was awarded the Beautification Award from the Semmes Women’s Club for campus beautification. Viking Horticulture will have a variety of summer garden vegetables and ornamental bedding plants available for purchase beginning the first of March.

Academy of Business Leadership

Business Management

Christopher Coleman received both his Microsoft Office Specialist certification in Word and PowerPoint in Advanced Business Technology Applications class.

Big picture


In a JROTC class, students can build skills such as leadership, self-confidence, and discipline necessary to thrive in any career. Activities that we do in JROTC to build such skills are drill, physical fitness activities, and Scholar's bowl.

*Recently our Freshmen competed in their first drill competition. These first-year cadets did their best and won trophies for 1st place drill, 1st place color guard, and 3rd place inspection overall.

*We also learn skills in other activities like adventure training, JROTC had a rappelling trip at Fort Whiting, where cadets had to trust their equipment and overcome their fear of heights to rappel off a 45 foot wall.

*The Viking Battalion recently had a promotion board for our new staff for the remainder of this school year and the following school year.

Hospitality and Tourism

Students in the 3rd level Event Planning class practice their knife skills by creating apple swans.

Academy of Engineering Sciences

PLTW Engineering

The Engineering Acadamy students are preparing to compete in this years USA American Society of Civil Engineering competition. They have designed and built concrete canoes, balsa wood bridges and will be building a water filtration system on the day of the event. This is the third year of the ASCE competition at the University of South Alabama. Unlike the last two years, this year's competition will be held virtually instead of on the campus of USA. MGM Engineering Academy holds the title as overall champions from the previous two years. They are expecting to keep that title!

Academy of Liberal and Fine Arts


Congratulations to MGM High School Band student, Kaylynn Leachman (11th grade) for participating in the William Carey University Honor Band - she made 1st chair trombone and received a scholarship.

We had two students participate in the University of Mobile Honor Band - Kaylynn Leachman (11th grade), made 1st chair trombone & received a scholarship & Lydia Maddox (10th grade), made 5th chair clarinet. Congrats!


Costume design students have spent a week researching fashion changes through a certain decade, focusing on elements of design (line, shape, fabric,), chose a specific year to focus upon , and are designing a dimensional paper model, in which this week, they will apply fabric and tissue paper to create the illusion of a dimensional costume that is historically accurate.

Costume design finished out their history unit with amazing presentations and life size designs! Check them out in the hallways and see how fashion changed through the ages due to politics, social life, or styles in demand!