Newsletter Week 5 Term 2

Titahi Bay Intermediate School 3rd June 2022

Principal's Korero

Welcome to the middle of Term 2 with next week being a short week due to the Queen's Birthday on Monday 6th June.

Our Maths and English Whānau night was held last week with a number of students and whānau attending the evening. I would like to thank you all very much for coming along as well as acknowledging our students who ran each activity with pride and confidence. I hope that you will enjoy the prizes and use the packs of activities that were given out on the night.

Our students enjoyed the Science Road Show on Tuesday with each class attending a 45-minute workshop focused on how the faultlines that run along the length of New Zealand affect New Zealand. Students discussed the importance of knowing what to do when there is an earthquake as well as what to pack in a grab bag.

With the colder weather starting to make itself known, please remind your child to wear a winter/waterproof jacket to school. We have a number of students who think wearing a sweatshirt hoodie or polo shirt in the rain is cool but they end up being wet and damp for the remainder of the day. We do not have a school winter jacket as this would be an extra cost for whānau, so students can wear a waterproof jacket from home. Our school uniform jacket is more of a windbreaker/water-resistant jacket and unfortunately, this line of jacket will be going out of production.

There have been some inquiries about our school pants. We changed our design of school pants when we changed providers last year to NZ Uniforms. You can purchase black sweat pants which are fleecy lined on the inside to keep our students warm. We changed these to black due to not being able to match the correct blue with our polo and sweatshirt. These sweat pants were chosen last year by students so will be trendy.

Hoodies are being lost by students, so please ensure that your child's uniform is clearly named. We do have a number of hoodies in the lost property, some still look new, please ask your child to come to the office if they have lost their hoodie.

Consistent attendance at school for students is essential to their overall development and progress. We understand Covid is making its way around our community and the flu season is upon us. Please continue to communicate with the school when your child is not at school and why as any unexplained absences are recorded as truant. The Ministry of Education collects our attendance data each term as they monitor this throughout the country.

Our building work is making significant progress, and the re-pitching of the admin block is starting to look good. The new office extension is being created with walls going up and roofing now being seen under the scaffolding so we are getting very excited.

I hope that you all enjoy your long weekend, keep warm and safe.

Upcoming Events

  • Queen's Birthday - Monday 6th June 2022 (No school)
  • Year 7 Boostix - Tuesday 7th June 2022

Year 7 Boostix

On Tuesday 7th June our Year 7 students will receive their Boostix vaccination. We have a number of students who have not returned their forms to the office. Whether your child is receiving the Boostix vaccination or not, please return the form to the office indicating this on the form.

Health nurses will be making contact with you directly to complete and return the form.

Saturday Netball

Due to Queen's Birthday weekend there will be no netball played this Saturday. Enjoy the day off.

Competitions at Kapi Mana Netball Centre - GameDay (

Written Work - by Allicia Thepsurin Room 7


The focus of this piece of writing was on planning and structure. Students selected from a choice of visual prompts. The writing was planned to take into account a selected audience and writing for impact, editing and then publishing.

Below is the visual prompt chosen by Allicia to create her piece of writing.

Big picture
Big picture
Big picture

Written Work - by Rita Anderson Room 7

The Bay

The crescent shaped tide flows in and out. The grains of pain run free to get the unwary, The jagged claws of the earth reach to the sky, The blades of nature whip in the wind. The gem blue heavens look down on the ocean.

The Classroom

The torrent of students sweeps in through the door. The crescent moon shaped table is swarmed by kids, The chattering crowd is pierced by the shattering screams of laughter. The emerald green posters flap in a non-existent breeze. The atmosphere is full of excitement for the day.

The Palace Library

The quiet was suffocating.

It was as if sand had been thrown over a fire and forgotten, The stones of centuries sat vigil waiting for use, The wallpaper crackled as if it was branches in the wind. The ceiling was made of stars.

We would love your unwanted Cotton Material

We are starting our second Technology classes soon and are looking for more cotton material that would be suitable for making pyjama shorts. We are looking for non-stretchy cotton material with any design or theme. If you have any unused top bed-sheets at home taking up space, or have a stash of material that you no longer need, please send it to the school office.

Thank you to the whānau who have donated some material for our students to use.

Students' at Work

As our students continue to learn more about the human body and its systems, they have taken a closer look at the lungs and how they work as a pump system. This experiment can also be done at home with a plastic bottle and a few balloons.

Aotea College Open Evening

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School App and Website

Remember to download our App so that you can keep up to date with what is happening. This will be great for our sports teams. Ensure that you link into the sports team that your child is in so that information can be sent out to these teams.
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