Sunset Valley Elementary 11/10/17

Jaguar Corner

Hello Jaguars!

This edition of the Jaguar Update is dedicated to the men and women of our armed forces, past and present! We thank you for your service both here and abroad. Our staff has included pictures of their family members who have served in the military. The picture on the right is of my dad, Douglas Eugene Johnson, USMC. My dad served in the Vietnam Conflict from 1965-1969 (He is bottom row, center, third from right). Several local restaurants in the Kansas City Metro Area offer discounts to Veterans. You may see my dad at one of these restaurants!

- If you visited with any of these folks in the pictures presented, they would tell you they don't need the recognition and they were just doing their job. They would go on to tell you the real heroes are the soldiers who didn't come home. We honor all of you, and your families, for the courage and sacrifice you have made.

Book Fair is coming up!

If you are interested in volunteering some time to help with the book fair at SVE, please click here. The book fair will be at SVE the week of November 28.


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Upcoming Dates

-November 11 - Veterans Day

-November 14 - PTA Bingo For Books 6:00-8:00 PM

-November 22-24 - No School Thanksgiving Break

-November 28 - December 1 - Book Fair Week

-November 30 - Grandparents and Special Friends Breakfast 8:00-9:00 AM