Camelot Tells

Maria Wade

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The Lady of Shalott, Dead!

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Who is the Lady of Shalott?

No one knows who she is or that she ever existed. We are told by the reapers on Shalott that she was a fairy in a tower on the island. But they never saw her, they only heard her songs. It looks as if she or someone else has created a viking type funeral. She doesn't look harmed and doesn't have any thing that may give us a probable cause of death. If you have any information, please send a messenger to the king's castle.


Galahad Sits at the Round Table

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The purest and noblest knight seated on the Siege Perilleux to go on the quest to find the Holy Grail. The knights do not believe that there is a pure knight who has never killed or sinned. The quest to find the Holy Grail will be the only way Galahad can prove himself of the purest and noblest knight of them all.

Jousting Tournament

Thursday, June 14th 1173 at 10am

Camelot Castle