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SUMMER EDITION /Issue 16/July19, 2020

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How's your vision? Are you seeing more clearly with the Eyes of God yet? Individuals and families from across our diocese have packed their bags and started out on this summer journey with us! It's not too late! Does your family have a little break in your schedule this week? Want to take a virtual trip into scripture and find fun family activities that help you understand the message? Click on this week's Summer Journey of Faith trip planner to find this week's activities including: a balloon and yeast science experiment, designing a hope tree, sending secret sunshine messages and MORE! Take a minute to watch this fun demonstration video from one of our diocesan families!!
July 19 Blowing Up Balloon with Yeast Experiment Ehmann Family


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St. Mary Magdalene was taught prudence by Jesus when he told her “Do not cling to me” after the Resurrection. Her choice to cling to Jesus was not the best choice at that point, but she learned and became the Apostle to the Apostles.

What Is It?

The ability to discern the right thing to do.

Sometimes called the Mother of Virtues, because it helps us understand when the virtues are needed. Prudence requires a person to see a situation, and understand the consequences of choices.

Live It Out!

Stop and think about two choices each day and what consequences they have.

Talk about one of them with someone in your family and why you chose the choice you did.


Liturgical Colors

Before the Mass begins, you can tell what season the Church is in. The priest’s vestments, and often the altar cloth, and possibly even banners or decorations in the church are color coordinated. During Lent or Advent (when the Church is preparing) or whenever the Church expresses sorrow, we use purple. During Easter and Christmas, or whenever the Church expresses joy, we use white. On days that celebrate the Holy Spirit or martyrs, the Church uses red. And when the Church gathers without one of these reasons we use green.

On Wednesday, July 22, we will use white to celebrate the joy of Mary Magdalene. On Saturday, July 25, we will use red for St. James who was martyred. Do you or your family ever use colors or special decorations as a constant reminder of a celebration?


Prayer for the Virtue of Prudence

Make me a person of prudence, my God: Help me to practice good judgement and act responsibly: by learning, by preparing, by listening, and making good choices with peace and joy in my heart. I make this prayer in Jesus’ name. Amen.


Tip of the week: Did you know that when you are really anxious, typically neutral odors can take on a disgusting smell to you? This was reported in an article in Science Daily. Many people have taken to educating themselves about essential oils and the impact that good smells can have on our level of stress. Need some help? Here are some oils/scents and their impact on our bodies:

Lavender: Great for calming and sleeping. Take a lavender bath or put some lavender oil on your pillow

Basil: the oil or the herb can help quiet the mind

Clary Sage: can ease tension and help control cortisol levels

Marjoram: can help reduce nervousness


Magdalenas are cute cupcakes from Spain that taste just like their French counterpart, Madeleines. Magdalenas and Madeleines are often made to remember St. Mary Magdalene, the repentant sinner and famous female follower of Jesus Christ, on her feast day (July 22).



Create an intricate obstacle course in, out and around your house. Maybe even include biking or running around your neighborhood! Watch this fun video for ideas!
Backyard Obstacle Course


Have you run out of jigsaw puzzles during quarantine? Do you know you can make your own puzzle? It's as easy as taking a photo, drawing or magazine page and drawing geometric lines over it, then CUT! However, if you want to use a more technical approach, watch this video which will teach you how to design a puzzle on Microsoft Word; a fun tech project for a boring summer day!


For Children: "Maximillian Villainous" By Margaret Chiu Greanias

A story about a monster who doesn't have the heart to be a villain!

For Teens: "Grace, Gold and Glory, My Leap of Faith" By Gabrielle Douglas

Olympic gymnast Gabrielle Douglas shares her the story of her Olympic journey

Learn how to draw like an illustrator from Lesley Breen Withrow, the illustrator of Maximillian Villainous! Watch the video below: (MAYBE YOU COULD WRITE AND ILLUSTRATE YOUR OWN STORY THIS SUMMER?

April 16, 2020

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