1. Andrea McArdle - Annie
  2. Reid Shelton - mr. Warbucks
  3. Dorothy Loudon - miss Hannigan
  4. Sandy Faison - Grace

Facts about Annie

  • Received 10 tony nomination
  • Dorothy Loudon won best actress in 1977
  • 1977 -1983 Annie went on to run 2377 performances
  • Annie was a blonde for the first six years on Broadway
  • Annie first premiered April 21 1977 at the Alvin theatre


  • Tony award
  • Drama desk award

Fun facts by Annie

  • Kristen Vigard was The original Annie but after one week of performances she got replaced because she was playing Annie to sweetly.
  • Annie the Broadway musical was based upon a popular comic strip little I've been any by Harold Gray
  • Playing any on Broadway jumpstarted Serica Jessica Parker's career as an actress

Songs from the musical

  1. Hard Knock Life
  2. Easy Street
  3. N.Y.C
  4. Littles Girls
  5. Maybe
  6. Tomorrow


Annie is a story about a little orphan girl, who lives in an all girl orphanage and try's to escape to find her parents . Annie gets caught and sent back home where Miss Hannigan makes Annie and the other orphan clean the who building.Later that morning grace mr war bucks secretary comes to find an orphan to celebrate The Christmas holiday at his mansion. Grace chooses Annie to go home with her. Annie is very grateful to Mr. Warbucks for letting her stay there but tells him that she's sad and misses her parents so he sets out to search for Annie's parents , but Hannigan and her brother create a fake birth certificate to get the reward claiming to be Annie's parents. Mr. Warbucks and Grace tell Annie that they cannot find them because they are dead her parents but they ask if she wants to be adopted by him and Annie says yes. They send Miss Hannigan to jail and her brother then they live happily ever after.