My Strengths & Weaknesses

By Mackenzie

My Top 5 Strengths

  1. Adaptability: The quality of being at hand when needed
  2. Salesmanship: The skill in convincing people to buy something
  3. Teamwork: The quality of being able to work with other people
  4. Optimism: The quality of being able to look at what the positive outcome may be
  5. Determination: The quality of firmness of purpose

My Weakness


A lack of focus can be overcame by setting goals with specific deadlines. To become more focus you should constantly motivate yourself & cut technology out for a little while. Staying organized & creating lists can help you become more focused, also. Most people that want to become more focused has learnt to keep still while trying to complete a task & count to help you escape your thoughts. If you are constantly around people, they may be whats causing your lack of focus, so if you get away from people then you may become more focused.