High Heat

By Carl Deuker


Shanes dad shot himself becuase he was going to be put in jail for assisting drug dealers.  Shane, his mother, and his sister would no longer be rich and care free.  The family moved to the city housing district of Seattle and Shane started attending a bad public school instead of his old fancy school, Shorelake.  The police caught Shane and his friends stealing beer from a convenient store and made him do community service for punishment.  Shane joined the struggling Whitman baseball team.  Shane threw a blazing fastball at a Shorelake baseball player named Reese and shattered his helment.  Reese went to the hospital for a week.  Over the winter, Shane played baseball with Reese who wasnt any good anymore but hoped to get better.  Shane wouldnt throw his hardest to Reese at first, but when he did, Reese couldnt hit anything.  Whitman went to the championship and beat Shorelake to win it all.  The final out was a strikeout againt Reese.