The Forest Ecosystem

Home to Many Animals

Forest Facts

Each component of the forest ecosystem gets its energy from sun. The plants get the energy from the sun, then the animals eat the plants. Then, the animals could get eaten and the energy will be transferred. Animals and plants are both living, however animals are consumers and plants are producers. Some plants are trees, grass, weeds, etc and some animals are snakes, bugs, bears, etc. Plants are producers and if they disappeared, then everything would die out. The animals wouldn't have anything to eat. This would destroy the ecosystem and ruin the balance. The sun may still be giving off energy to most ecosystem, but it has nothing to transfer it to now that there are no producers. If consumers disappeared from the ecosystem, then there would be an abundance of plants. There will become too many plants and not enough nutrients to go around. Now, if the sun disapeared, there would be no heat and Earth would freeze. The plants will be the greatest affected, the plants wouldn't be able to produce nutrients. It is important to have different types of consumers because if one went missing, then there will be one species that will thrive and there will be an abundance of. This would cause lots of things to die out. Finally, if decomposers disappeared from the ecosystem, then there would be tons of dead bodies and plants on the floor. These things wouldn't be able to be converted to nutrients and then things won't have enough energy to live. Once again, things start dying out.