Northern Ireland Conflict

Jordin Claire and Noah

What Started The Conflict?


This conflict has been an ongoing conflict for centuries but recently, ever since the Prime Minister, Viscount Brookeborough, stepped out of office from a 20 year term, it has resulted in most of the country consisting of Protestants that basically rule things now like the government. Two thirds of Northern Ireland consisted of Protestants. A bias was created favoring the protestant population and unfortunately not the Catholics.

Divided Loyalties:

Protestants (British) wanted The Republic of Ireland to be considered a part of the United Kingdom. The Republic of Ireland was considered a Catholic country and the Protestants were afraid that the government would not accept their beliefs. The Catholics that were a part of northern Ireland wanted to be reunited with Ireland as a whole.


In Northern Ireland the education was selective of Protestants and Catholics. The Catholics would learn about the history and culture of Ireland, but didn’t acknowledge any of the British history and culture. The same goes for the Protestants. There were public schools that would only carter protestants and private schools that would only carter catholics. Throughout the generations, children have been taught to not trust one another, making the situation worse as the years go by.


According to the Catholics, they found it unfair because the Protestants only hired other Protestants for jobs. The males that are Catholic are less likely to have better job opportunities.


There are Catholics that are need a house but since the city council mainly consists of protestants, they are having a bit of trouble.


Protestants usually ended up with more of the votes because they owned richer companies.

What were the major events?

In the 14th or 15th century, the English began the fighting by creating a large circle around the city of Dublin called “The Pale” completely controlled by them. "The Flight of the Earls" was when the Irish leaders finally gave up and left the country for mainland Europe and Spain near the end of the 16th century. At the Battle of the Boyne, located in the Boyne River in Ireland, King James was defeated by William of Orange. THe Irish forces were defeated at the Battle of Limerick. Following that, early 17th century, William took over Ireland. The country was divided into Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland in 1921. The fact that it was divided was a good thing and a bad thing. The Republic of Ireland became independent from England again, but Northern Ireland remained part of Great Britain. In 1916 or so, The I.R.A. (Irish Republican Army) was formed. This was an army of Irish people fighting for independence from England.


After almost thirty years of bloody conflict, the opposing parties in Northern Ireland eventually signed an agreement in 1921 about how to share power, thus bringing to an end the conflict that had claimed so many lives and caused such human suffering. This agreement also made Ireland an independent country.

What was the impact?

This conflict has cause over 3000 deaths in Northern Ireland alone. Also, because of the conflict, Ireland was forced to be divided into the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. This devastating war between Britain and the IRA has greatly affected Northern Ireland.

Essential Question

How has the conflict of the two Religious and political groups impacted the life of the people groups in this region?