Spirit Song Contest

Compass Charter Schools

CCS is Loud And Proud!

Enter the Compass Charter Schools Spirit Song Contest! CCS wants YOU to write lyrics and make music to create the official school spirit song. We are looking for an original, catchy, exciting song that highlights our core values (achievement, respect, teamwork, integrity, communication) and celebrates our amazing Compass community. Are you ready? Let's make music!

Scholars, learning coaches and CCS staff are all invited to enter the contest! You can work individually, or you can work in teams of four (4) or less to create our school spirit song. Starting on Monday, August 21 until Thursday, October 12, create and share a special song that celebrates CCS and demonstrates our amazing school spirit.

Scholars will vote for the winning song from October 16 to 20, and the winners will be announced on October 23! The contest winner(s) will get a Proud Scholar t-shirt and receive a special mention in a Monday Morning Update in November! Click here to enter the spirit song contest.

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Contest Rules

  • The contest will begin on Monday, August 21 and end on Thursday, October 12.
  • Winner(s) will be announced on Monday, October 23.
  • All eligible songs must be original. Plagiarism will not be accepted.
  • Teams must be four (4) individuals or less.
  • Team entries must provide the full name of each member
  • Spirit songs must be between 60 to 240 seconds long.
  • All eligible entries must include lyrics and music.
  • All audio submissions must be in .mp3 or .mp4 format.
  • Winners will receive a Proud Scholar t-shirt and a special mention in the November issue of the CCS newsletter
  • By participating, all entrants grant CCS rights to all contest entries for reuse including marketing and advertising.
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Enjoy your family music making! We look forward to hearing what you will submit!!

  • Will a cappella singing (no instruments in the background) be permitted, or will that violate the rule that “All eligible entries must include lyrics and music”? ~We are looking for lyrics AND music.

  • Are we permitted to borrow a tune from the public domain and then sing the lyrics to that tune – e.g. original lyrics by our scholars but then sung to “Battle Hymn of the Republic”? ~Although original music is preferred, we recognize that some members of our community may be gifted lyricists but would need some support with the music portion of the contest. Therefore, we will allow the use of public domain "tunes" to be used as background for original lyrics. We do recommend using "tunes" that will not be too easily recognized by our judges/scholars.

  • Is there a theme we need to consider? ~Yes. We are looking for an original, "catchy" song that embodies who we are at Compass Charter Schools and what we believe as represented with our core values (achievement, respect, teamwork, integrity, and communication). We are a scholar-centric school seeking to inspire and develop innovative, creative, self-directed learners, one scholar at a time.

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