Jupiter's moon Callisto

By:Hayden Marker

Callistos History

In 1610 Galileo Galilei found Callisto and found that Callisto is a moon. We think that Callisto was the first circular planet from the bigbang and first to cool.
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Callistos Condition

Callisto is dying and is in bad condition the dark spots is when callisto was hit by space debris and astriods. All the white spots are where there is ice and the ice is verry bright.
Callisto: Jupiter's Dead Moon | Video

Callisto's Surface Features

callisto shows that there is no surface or tectonic plates or volcanoes all because impacts on asteriods. Prominet surface features are multi rings and many impact craters. At the high spots there is bright white frost that seems like it glows but its sourended by dark metal.

Inside Callisto

Gallelio's space teliscope recently found that there is water inside the moon and that could be bad. The water can weather inside and crush Callisto