Top Jobs

by: Casey Swartz

Top 10 job list

1.Software Developer-

These professionals are the brains behind your Candy Crush obsession and Android phone dependency. They might be applications developers, who design computer software, databases and games, or they could be systems-focused developers, who are responsible for building operating systems. Growth for both types of IT professionals should balloon: The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts there will be nearly 140,000 brand new positions created before 2022.

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2.Computer Systems Analyst-

To excel in this job, you need to be both goal-focused and process-oriented. Computer systems analysts must understand computer hardware, software and networks and how they work together, so they can make recommendations to organizations for the best operations systems to use. The BLS predicts 24.5 percent employment growth for this job by 2022.

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As Dr. Seuss once wrote, “Teeth are always in style.” Dentists surely think so. They make their living diagnosing and treating our teeth and gums, and counseling us on how to maintain good oral health. This profession is expected to add 23,300 new jobs up to the year 2022.

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4.Nurse Practitioner-It’s a nurse practitioner’s array of capabilities, coupled with the fact they can work independently of physicians when treating patients, that makes our No. 2 Health Care Job an attractive career choice. The BLS predicts 37,100 new positions for these professionals between 2012 and 2022.
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Pharmacists mix technical, organizational and people skills in a customer service environment. Each day, more than 281,560 pharmacists dispense medicine and advice to patients at hospitals and retail chains. The profession is expected to grow 14.5 percent by 2022.

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6.Registered Nurse-

Nursing is an indispensable profession in health care; one where workers are almost always needed. This year is no different, as the BLS anticipates 19.4 percent employment growth in this field between 2012 and 2022.

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