Room 12 News

April 6, 2016

Welcome Back!!

I hope everyone had a fabulous Spring Break! I surely enjoyed mine! :)

We are getting back into the swing of things and starting this final quarter of 5th grade with excitement!!!


5th graders will be testing next week! We will be taking the Ohio AIR assessment READING PORTIONS on Tuesday and Thursday, April 12 and 14th. (Math and Science will be later this month) One day will be a reading assessment and the other day will be a writing assessment in which your child will write an essay. Both are online assessments. We have been practicing writing a 5-paragraph essay the last few weeks. The ODE website has a practice test available if you would like to see what the assessment will "look" like.

As always, be sure your child is well rested and has a good breakfast on those days!

Upcoming dates!


14-Spring Pictures

27-29- Camp Pilgrim Hills!!


6-Field Day

30- No School, Memorial Day

31-tentative day for 5th Grade Picnic at Whetstone Park


1-TENTATIVE DATE of 5th Grade Promotion Ceremony

2- Last Day of School

Social Studies

This week we started a research project on the United States. Each student was assigned a state to research. We will be gathering information to do a couple of projects, a 3-D cube and a Pizza Box Map Project. This pizza box will be coming home next week for your child to design/decorate the cover only. (We will do a salt map on the inside, along with other things) The home portion will be to design/decorate the top cover of the pizza box for your child's assigned state. They need to think of things that teach others about the state to use on the cover such as state symbols, the nickname of the state, the state name, seal, etc. Each student will be presenting/teaching about his/her state so I've asked them to become an expert on the state they are researching.

We will then take a "tour" of the regions of the US, discussing the qualities of each region. When we learn about each region of the US, those students with states in that region will present.

There is no concrete due date at this time. Like I said, next week will be the decorating of the pizza box cover. We will do most of the rest of the project at school. At home, it would be helpful to gather research /books/etc. to help your child learn about his/her state. Thank you!


Thank you to everyone that returned Camp Health Forms and Candy Bar money on time! Your child will be bringing home a paper with the final balance that he/she owes for camp at the end of the week. This will be due April 15th.

I am so excited for camp!!! :)

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As a now, we've been busy reviewing all standards for the upcoming AIR assessment, as well as practicing essay writing. I am very pleased with how they are progressing!!! Book club time has been put on hold this week. We will get back to "normal" next week! :)

Spring Pictures!

A Spring Picture order form is coming home today! They will be taken on Thursday, April 14 along with a Classroom Group Picture!
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