Trinidad & Tobago

Micaela Obregon World Geography November 5, 2014

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The Trinidad & Tobago official language is English but some Spanish and to lesser extent French patois, Hindi and Chinese is spoken by some segments of the population through culture and heritage.
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Customs & Traditions

Tobago has many different folk tales and superstitions unique to the island .Dance a cornerstone of Tobago's culture. Many of the island's distinct dances, like the Reel and Jig are British in origin but with movements influenced by the Africans. Tobago has a tradition of "keeping ah wake" or vigil at the home of a deceased continues to this day in many of the islands homes. They have a lot of different customs and traditions from ours.

Holidays & Festivals

There is a lot of festivals and holidays that are there in Trinidad and Tobago. Some we have in common with them and others are ones that you would never guess they would have. Examples Boxing day, Emancipation day, Hosay festival, We Beat festival,.....
Trinidad and Tobago the True Caribbean