Weekly Newsletter

Ms. Andrea's 5th grade class


Dear 5th grade Parents,

I am really looking forward to teaching your child this year! I am also excited to share with everyone that this year, teachers are integrating technology into their class curriculum. It is important for every child to receive the best education, so I feel that adding technology will enhance learning, and hopefully will increase eagerness to want to learn.

A few of the learning resources that we will be using throughout the duration of the year, but not limited to are Skype, Google docs, and Class Dojo. Skype will be a great tool for each student to have access to get in touch with outsiders who have great information about different countries, which will be helpful for our "Different Countries Project." Google docs will be a way for students to turn in papers, and to proof read each others papers. Lastly, Class Dojo will be a way for me to communicate with parents and provide feedback on the behaviors of each of the students.

I am looking forward to a great year! If you have any questions feel free to ask!


Andrea Seib


Will it cost to Skype with someone from another country? No, it will be free because we will be using wifi.

Will my child be able to access Google docs on his/her iPad at home? Yes, and there is a google doc application on iPhones. All internet access needed will be provided for at school.