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From Mrs. Arms' 1st Grade Class- February 22, 2013

Dates To Add to Your Calendar

  • Monday, February 25th- Robotics Club, Destination Imagination
  • Tuesday, February 26th- Wednesday, February 27th: STAAR Practice Test. 1st Grade lunches moved to 30 minutes earlier (Ours will be 11:50-12:20)
  • Tuesday, February 26th- Singing Stars
  • Wednesday, February 27th- Chess Club (AM), Math Pentathlon, Destination Imagination,
  • Wednesday, February 27th-6pm: 2nd Cup of Coffee With Principal Varljen in the library.
  • Thursday, February 28th- Choir, Young Masters Art Club
  • Friday, March 1st- Destination Imagination,
  • Tuesday, March 5th- 9am-2pm: Kindergarten Round Up
  • Tuesday, March 5th- 1st Grade Research Projects Due
  • Wednesday, March 6th-Thursday, March 7th: Research Presentations
  • Wednesday, March 6th- Early Release @ 12:45pm
  • Saturday, March 9th- Sunday, March 17th- Spring Break

Kindergarten Round Up

Tuesday, March 5th (9 am- 2 pm)

Round Rock ISD will be holding it's annual Kindergarten Round-Up Tuesday, March 5th. Patsy Sommer Elementary will be participating in this registration day similar to the way we have the past few years. There will be a sign up posted on the Sommer website beginning Saturday, February 23rd and closing Sunday, March 3rd. The day has been broken up into 1 hour time slots from 9 am to 2 pm. We are asking that any family with a prospective Kindergarten student for the 2013-2014 school year please sign up for one of the times listed. During this time, parents will be able to fill out the necessary registration paperwork while the new Kindergarten student gets to visit the Kindergarten pod and read books, play games, and make a craft with several of the Kindergarten teachers. If you are unable to bring your child we still encourage you to come and register him/her so that we can adequately prepare for the next school year.

Please look for the sign up at

RRISD Annual Parent Climate Survey

Every year the District asks parents, teachers and students to complete a survey to gather feedback about your impressions of the current school year. Please take a few minutes to complete this survey. Your opinion and feedback is much appreciated and valued!

RRISD Attendance Policy

Below is RRISD's Most Recent Attendance Posting- Dr. Chavez has repeatedly mentioned to use the district calendar as a guideline for planning vacations and other recreational activities. I make every effort to catch students up on missed work due to an illness or other excused absence. However many assignments just can't be made up if the student is absent (for an unexcused reason). Much of our learning involves hands-on, collaborative work, and inquiry based learning and can't be done at home. Students are still expected to demonstrate mastery of content missed. Short cycle assessments missed will be administered on date of students return. Students with multiple absences (greater than 10% of school days) are considered candidates for retention due to missed instruction. If a student is going to have an unexcused absence(s) the parents need to look through the curriculum section of our website and make sure to cover any TEKS students will miss while not at school. Let me reiterate that I will make every effort to ensure that ALL students are successful. 21st century education is a partnership between teacher and family and the community. For optimal growth and performance to be achieved students must be in school.

Posted Date: 1/15/2013

We always want to see students in class but we understand that children get sick, and it is sometimes difficult to decide when to keep them at home. In order to make it easier, we encourage you to follow the guidelines below from the Texas Department of State Health Services and Round Rock ISD’s Health Services Director, Sandy Headley. If you have any questions, please contact your school nurse.

Don’t keep a child home for:

  • Sniffles, a runny nose and a mild cough without a fever. It could be a cold or an allergic response to dust, pollen, or seasonal changes.
  • Vague complaints or aches, pains or fatigue (being tired).
  • A one-time only episode of diarrhea or vomiting without any other symptoms.

Do keep a child home when they have:

  • A fever of 100 degrees or more. A fever along with a rash, earache, sore throat, or nausea may indicate a highly contagious infection. Children must be fever-free for 24 hours before returning to school.
  • A persistent, productive cough and wheezing together with thick or constant nasal discharge.
  • Persistent vomiting and diarrhea (more than once) during the previous night.
  • An un-diagnosed rash, especially coupled with a fever and behavioral changes.
  • Pinkeye in which there is a white or yellow discharge, often with matted eyelids after sleep, and eye pain, redness or itching.
  • Head lice. Once head lice have been treated and there are no more live lice, the student has to be cleared by the school nurse and then may return to school. Students cannot return until all lice are treated and removed.
  • Strep throat, scarlet fever, measles, chickenpox or any other communicable disease until released by a doctor.
  • Any physical or emotional condition that would prevent him / her from participating comfortably in class.

If a child misses a day of school because he or she is not feeling well, or if it becomes necessary for a student to leave school to be seen by a healthcare professional, parents must provide the front office with a note from themselves or the health care professional in order for the absence to be recorded as an “excused” absence.

Mrs. Arms-We need you!!

"Just call my name. I'll be there in a hurry. You don't have to worry."- Nickolas Ashford & Valerie Simpson