Avant-Garde Art


Surrealism began in the 1920's and is well known for its strange, often unsettling images. It largely started off in France, with the uprise of La Revelition surrealiste. Andre Brenton was thought to have started it, with some of his unnerving images. La Revelition surrealiste was a manifesto consisting of twelve issues lasting through the years 1924 until 1929. The manifesto dealt with surrealism as art, and many 'anti-art' themes. The journal also focused on the darker side of the human psyche, including violence, death and other depraved themes.
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Major Players

Andre Breton was thought to be the one who "started" the surrealist movement along with Philippe Soupault who made similar work to Andre, as seen below. They both propelled the idea of surrealism and what Andre referred to sometimes as "anti-art". The main directors of La Revelition surrealiste were Pierre Naville and Benjamin Peret. Below is a surreal painting done by Philippe Soupault.
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Examples of Surrealism

My favorite piece of surreal art?

After looking at many strange images through the depths of the internet, I found my favorite piece of surreal artwork. It's my favorite because of the over all concept, and how much there is to look at in the picture, as well as room for imagination. This piece was a close contender with the Son of Man painting by Magritte, but I do like this image more. This piece was done by modern surrealist Erik Johansson who takes photos, and using software such as photoshop to make these incredible images.
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