German Americans

By Lucas Hoopingarner

Greman People

Befor 1871,there was no single country called Germany. The area was a group of cities and territories in which people spoke German. Some of the people worked together and got along, but others fought over land and about religion. Some people living there started looking for safer places religious freedom. One of those places was North America.

German Traditions

Even today, German traditions are a part of many American celebrations. Oktoberfest is a huge festival that was first celebrated in Germany. Every year, people in many cities in the United States eat German foods, dress in German clothes, and listen to German music for Oktoberfest. German Americans in pennsylvania also had the first Easter egg hunts.

Why They Came

Immigrants left because farmers were running out of land on which to farm. The German farmers heard there were large amounts of cheap land in the United States. Many lutherans and jews came to in the 1840s looking for religious freedom.
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