ESC 6 2013 Administrators' Retreat

BYOT Tools for the Classroom


Sharpen skills/knowledge about how Web 2.0 tools can increase productivity, communication, leadership and teacher/student achievement.

Technology Integration 2013 Summer Trainings

Todays Meet - Used in Staff Meetings

What is the Backchannel?

The backchannel is everything going on in the room that isn't coming from the presenter.

The backchannel is where people ask each other questions, pass notes, get distracted, and give you the most immediate feedback you'll ever get.

Instead of ignoring the backchannel, TodaysMeet helps you leverage its power.

Tapping into the backchannel lets you tailor and direct your presentation to the audience in front of you, and unifying the backchannel means the audience can share insights, questions and answers like never before.

Todays Meet - For Teachers

InfuseLearning - iPad/Tablet Learner Response Solution


Socrative Space Race with Other Schools

Import a Quiz:


Go to Manage Quizzes

Import Quiz

Import Shared Quizzes

Type in Quiz # SOC-XXXXXX

Click Import Quiz

Scroll to Bottom and Click SAVE.

Import the following quizzes:

SOC-425804 - 80's Trivia

SOC-6793351 - Christmas Songs Trivia

SOC-530755 - Superhero Quiz


They give you a blank wall.
You put anything you want on it, anywhere.
Simple, yet powerful.

Poll Everywhere

Free for audience size of 40.

An easy way to gather live responses.

Create a Smore Flyer

How Did I Display My iPad? ~Reflector

Example: Reflector

The reflector apps works great and let's you mirror your ipad wirelessly from your computer. Regularly priced at $15.00 to load it on your presentation station, but if you will contact them you can usually get it half price for educators.

More Web 2.0 Fun...

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