Kristi's Korner

December 7, 2015

Quote of the Week

The arrogance of success is to think that what you did yesterday will be sufficient for tomorrow.

--William Pollard


Remember Blockbuster? I still have my card....just can't seem to get rid of it. Remember how they were on every corner, and then poof they were gone overnight. Blockbuster is really a cautionary tale about change. They were slow to carry those new-fangled DVD's in their stores and were even slower in adapting the video market through the internet. Blockbuster learned the hard way...innovate or die. So they died. As Seth Godin has said, "Change almost never fails because it is too early. It almost always fails because it is too late."

I am reading a great book called The Innovator's Mindset by George Couros. In it, he cautions teachers not to allow education to become Blockbuster. What does innovation mean in education? While it is often linked to technology and the latest and greatest gadgets, it does not have to be. Innovation starts with a simple question. Everyday we must ask ourselves, "What is best for THIS learner?" Now many times these questions are answered with technology. The students populating our classrooms are digital natives. But, I digress. More on that in another column. Today I just want you to think about innovation. Take some time to reflect on these questions: What does innovation look like in your classroom? Are you willing to try new things? How do you go about learning what is new out there? Do you share your talents and ideas with people at our building? in the district? with the global community? If you aren't out there trying new things, what is holding you back? Is it time or desire? What if you could learn on your couch? What if you could collaborate on your couch?

I want to stop there this week. If you know me, that is a struggle. However, reflection and the time to do this is an important step we so often fail to give ourselves. One more thing to leave you with is a commercial that is advertising, I don't even know what, but that is not why I share. It is something that got me to thinking about change. Watch this and think about being more dog:

And if you want to find out just how dog you are go to I am 64%.

News and Notes

**PLC's on December 8 will be deciding Smart Goals for 3rd Quarter and getting the pre-assessments ready.

**Buddy Day is December 18th with the theme being Celebrating the Gift of Friendship.

**SRI needs to be given before leaving for Winter Break.