My Laptop won't let me login!

Steps to take before you send to the library:

How to trouble shoot the 3 Main Problems

1. Password needs to be Changed

2. AUP has not been SIGNED

3. Network connected Restart

1. Password needs to be Changed

Student's Password doesn't work because:

1. They never reset their password before it expired

2. They are new to the school or MNPS

3. They Never use Computers at school

4. They use someone else's credentials (BIG NO!NO!)

5. They Forgot

2. AUP has not been SIGNED

Student must sign the AUP to be able to Access Technology

Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) must be signed by all students. I basically tell students this is your agreement not to do anything "unethical" on Computers. Students can access this through this link:

Once completed, they can login.

3. Network connected Restart

When a Student Signs in and it shows this screen:

This happens because the computer has been logged in by too many students and it needs to clear out the logins with a restart. The laptops save settings everytime a student logs in and various logins take up a lot of memory.
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