Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone

A how-to-guide by a professional Inside comfort zoner

1. Talking to People

Let's make it clear that you must actually talk to other life forms if you want to make friends. Friends do not find you, it is a two-way effort.

PROTIP: Try to look happy to attract other people and make you approachable.

2. The Talking Part

When you talk to other humans, know what to say. Dont ask what their favorite food is, it is a pointless and boring conversation starter. Also, be careful not to offend people. Everybody is offended by everything so dark humour should not be forced upon them until you know it is safe, otherwise you will scare them away.

PROTIP: Only scare them away if you do not want to be friends with them.

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PROTIP: Do not sit in the corner alone during the Muskoka dance. At least sit outside, or with someone else. Make sure nobody knows you are a loner.

Making fun of you

If somebody makes fun of you for not wanting to do something, either make fun of yourself, or make fun of them back. This shows your humorous side.

Example: If a person/people makes fun of you for not wanting to go on the giant swing, make fun of them for wanting to go on the giant swing to show dominance. This will prove that you are just as capable as them, even if it makes absoulutely no sense.


Tell everybody the wifi password so they will think you are super cool because you know it and nobody else does.

(It's "thewoods15")

The final step

Don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. Nobody is judging you. They are not going to remember exactly what you did and make fun of you for it. You will stand out more by not doing these things than joining the entire crowd.
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