The Hive in Room 5

Here's the buzz...


We read 2 non-fiction texts this week: Eva the Beekeeper and Eat Your Vegetables! We identified text features of non-fiction stories including the table of contents, glossary, index, headings, charts, labels, and photographs. We also practiced using the text to locate information.

To conclude our week, we completed our first reading portfolio task. We can't wait to share them with you!


This week, we read a number of stories about leprechauns and made a chart about our findings. Then, we began our next writing piece called "How To Catch a Leprechaun." Today, the plans were put to paper. We have some future engineers in the hive!


This week we spent time reviewing first grade concepts learned so far this year. Then, we completed our first math portfolio task. The kids knocked this one out of the park!

Social Studies

This week we compared schools of long ago to schools today. We learned how coal burning stoves, lanterns, hornbooks, primers, and slates were used in schools 100 years ago.

King Bee

We enjoyed getting to know more about our very own Hunter Stephenson this week as he was our King Bee. Thank you to his mom and dad for coming in to read to us!


This is just a friendly reminder that we will be eating lunch in our classroom on Friday, March 14th. Please do not send any peanut products to school in your child's lunch that day. Thank you in advance for keeping our little buzzing bees safe!

Indoor Recess Games

As you may begin some spring cleaning, we are looking to spruce up our choice of indoor recess games. If you happen to have any gently used games your family no longer uses, and would like to make a donation to the classroom, we would greatly appreciate it!

Parent Volunteers

Here is the link for our March sign-up: