Life in the Library

April 2014

April is School Library Month!

April is also Poetry Month, which has been a focus for many grades. First graders listened to spring poems by Douglas Florian from the book Handsprings, and their their hands at writing some forms of spring poems. A sillier side was Shel Silverstein's Runny Babbit, which leads to many giggles and a tendency to reverse the first letter of everyday words! Some of our sixth graders and fourth graders used Peter H. Reynold's book (author of The Dot) Guyku. They were surprised that writing a haiku could actually be fun (or funny)! Other classes, including third grade, have checked out the poetry links on the webpage for famous author's sites and games.

In other news...

Fourth graders spent the last few weeks working hard preparing for the State Fair! In library, they have completed a Power Point about a famous person from their state, lists of state facts and paragraphs about places of interest. They have also hand-drawn pictures of their state bird, tree and flower. They have done a lot of research and are excited for their presentations! We are also continuing to read our novel, The Genius Files.

Mr. Wentz's sixth grade class has completed their elementary performance assessment, and Mrs. Coolihan/Ms. Francis's class is getting ready for their turn. We continue to work in class on research skills, such as finding appropriate sources note taking, Power Point skills and writing/answering research questions. We are also digging in to our novel, The False Prince once again! As they finish the EPA, classes will get to experiment with Movie Maker, creating projects in library class.

Fifth graders are continuing to work on the Big 6 research process. We have learned about selecting and evaluating sources and are now focused on locating key information. We learned about skimming and scanning for key words and ideas, and also practiced summarizing in a small amount of space. (Ask your child just how small!) They are loving the novel, Mr. Lemoncello's Library by Chris Grabenstein.

In third grade, we have been exploring Power Point, creating "just for fun" presentations. This allows students to experiment with design, animation, transition and other elements that often they want to include but do not belong in traditional presentations. If you hear your child talking about Lumphy, StingRay or Plastic, the novel Toys Go Out is on his or her mind. It delves into real-life problems using personification (which we will learn about after we finish the book) of stuffed animals and toys. It is one of my favorite read-alouds, and I suspect your child will be asking you to read the sequels at home!

Second graders are working with Pebble Go, an early grade online encyclopedia. Feel free to go to the library website and click on Encyclopedias Online. The login information for Pebble Go is on the webpage. We have read about, watched videos of and listened to clips of animals and famous people together and on our own. We are also starting a short chapter book from the hysterically funny Time Warp Trio series by Jon Scieszka. Having read many of his fractured fairy tales, this was a natural choice! This first one, Knights of the Kitchen Table, already has them in giggles in the first few chapters!

Kindergarteners have been enjoying books by the wonderful author/illustrator Eric Carle. We have talked a lot about his artwork in books like The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Mr. Seahorse and The Very Busy Spider. We even watched a short video clip about how makes his illustrations!

Peter Brown is coming!!

We are getting so excited about our upcoming visit on May 20th with Peter Brown! We are just starting to read his books in library and learn about his style. Watch for book order forms coming soon, if you would like to order books to have signed by him. Check the library website for more information!