Bryan Delos Santos

A creative person, funny, hyperactive, nerd


Cardinal Ambrozic

A high school in Brampton, Ontario.

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My favourite things

I love, games, LEGO's, cars, drawing, listening to music and watching movies.


To become a mechanic, create web comics, be a popular web celebrity

People who inspire me

Other honorable mentions

Stan Lee - Comic artist, better known as a Marvel artist.

Bob Kane - Comic artist known to create the Batman.

Pewdiepie - Youtuber,

Bruce Lee - Famous Martial artist, loved how he fights.

My favourite fictional characters

Other honorable mentions

Trollface - Webcomic character that likes to prank people

Ichigo - Character From Bleach

Joker - Batman's greatest foe

Favourite Movies

My Skills

I excel at:

Creativity, Puzzle Solving, Doing Work, drawing, comedy.

What i do in my spare time


I draw comic strips on my free time. They are usually short comedic comics. I draw landscapes and cities because they require a lot of inspiration and creativity to design them which i do have.

Plan Something

I like to think about something on my spare time. I usually think about what will happen next if i do this for example, and that might happen next.

Thinking about something ahead usually gets my work done faster.

Read Something

Can be a book or on the web. But i don't really like novels books as they are very dull to me because of their long length (not because of the number of pages)


Note: I am not comfortable with sharing my personal private information to people i don't really know.

My references

Teacher - Mrs Rizzo, English teacher

Brandon Lopez - A Close Friend

Supercars leaving a car show in style - McLaren F1, Enzo, burnouts, powerslides etc

What i grew up with

My favourite places

Favourite Books (Including Series)