16 December 2022

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TAC’s Championship and Second Place Awards at the UAA Autumn Basketball Tournament

The basketball teams of American Collegiate Institute in İzmir (ACI), Tarsus American College (TAC), SEV American College (SAC), and Robert College joined the Autumn Basketball Tournament hosted by Üsküdar American Academy (UAA) on 9-11 December. Ms. Ahu Arslan (principal), Hasan Turgut (Vice Principal) and Mr. Necati Güler (TAC 1975 graduate and former national basketball player) supported the athletes throughout the tournament games. The tournament, which started with the jump ball of Nilay Kartaletepe, former national basketball player and the director of national female teams, saw stiff competition.

TAC boys basketball team became the champion in the tournament. Girls' Basketball Team successfully represented TAC, bringing home the second place trophy.

In addition, Aldemir Konuk, a senior student and the team captain of the boys team and Sera Hocagil, a 10th grader from TAC’s girls team were awarded the MVP prize. We congratulate all athletes who make us proud with their outstanding performance and wish them continued success.

As TAC, we also thank UAA for hosting us and everyone who always supports our athletes and contributes to their success.


Boys TAC 72 – ACI 40

Girls TAC 26 – ACI 31


Boys TAC 74 – UAA 46

Girls TAC 42 – UAA 23


Boys TAC 78 – SAC 47


Tournament results


1. TAC

2. SAC

3. ACI

4. UAA


1. ACI

2. TAC

3. UAA

4. RC

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TAC Volleyball Team Advances in Mersin Finals

TAC Girls Volleyball Team saw victory in the last two matches they played. Mrs. Amanda Sunderman, the Head of School, cheered for the girls during their final game, at the end of which they advanced to the final group with a score of 2-0 against Çukurova Kavram Koleji.

We congratulate our players and wish them the best of luck in their games.

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HADO, an AR Game, Introduced to TAC Students

The demonstration of HADO, the first-ever digital sport using AR, at TAC was held on Thursday, December 8, 2022. Students from 9th and 10th grades engaged with HADO, which is considered as the sport of the future, during the day as games at practice, as well as tournament level, were played.

The visiting HADO crew first shared technical information and answered student questions. After the tournament environment was created with the videos from their own systems, the students were exposed to this "e-sports". Thanks to their attention to the information shared, students were easily able to fulfill the requirements. It was a very fun day for particularly those students who are interested in computer games. TAC thanks the HADO team for giving us this opportunity.

TAC Girls Badminton Team Received 3rd Place in Mersin

TAC’s girls' badminton team placed 3rd at the Mersin tournament held on 12-13-14 December at Mersin Tennis Complex. We congratulate our student players and wish them continued success and thank our physical education teachers who always support them.

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TAC Hosts Philosophy Symposium

Prof. Dr. Taşkıner Ketenci, Dean of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences at Mersin University, met with grade 10 students on Tuesday, December 6th. In his presentation at the Haydar Göfer Auditorium, Ketenci shared important information about the “Philosophy of Enlightenment”. Prefacing the conversation around the slogan "Sapere aude" (dare to know), which encapsulates the most distinctive feature of the period of enlightenment, Ketenci shared Kant's description of enlightenment: "Enlightenment is man's liberation from a state of immaturity into which he has fallen by his own fault. This state of immaturity is the inability to use one's own mind without the guidance of another person”, Ketenci also talked about the philosophy and historical process of the Middle Ages before the Enlightenment and emphasized the importance of rejecting dogmas and adopting a critical and rational way of thinking is as valid today as it was in the period of Enlightenment. The presentation was well received by students and ended with responses to some interesting questions from the students.

TAC Student Presents “Environmental Pollution and Life Cycle of Sea Turtles” to TSEV Students

Melis Ata (11F-IB) shared her presentation titled "Environmental Pollution and the Life Cycle of Sea Turtles", which she prepared for the ESS (Environmental Systems and Societies) course in the IB program, with grade 4 students of Tarsus SEV Primary School (TSEV). In the presentation Melis emphasized that beach cleaning is key to protecting the nests of sea turtles. She also talked about the importance of protecting the eggs of sea turtles whose nests are identified. TSEV students were interested in the presentation, which helped raise environmental awareness at an early age. At the end of her interactive presentation, Melis thanked the TSEV students by presenting each of them a sea turtle sticker.

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The Earth Prize Contest Draws a Large Student Audience From TAC

We were very happy with the student interest for the Earth Prize competition. We would like to share the names of TAC students who participated in the competition with 8 teams.


TRIVELA: Emircan Özyürekoğlu (TAC'24), Sermet Sinan Akova (TAC'24), Ali Arda Taka (TAC'24) 11 IB

REPTILIANS: Kadir Uz (TAC'24), Buse Girgin (TAC'24), Öykü Kılıç (TAC'24), Cansu Temiz (TAC'24), 11IB

MOTHER NATURE: Yağmur Serin (TAC'24), Defne Ilgın Çinici (TAC'24), Alpartun Günhan (TAC'24), Zeynep Karabay (TAC'25), Tuğba Naz Balceli (TAC'25) 11IB-10IB

FOMALHAUT: Cenk Sağlam (TAC'24), Cem Sağlam (TAC'24), Bengisu Ergene (TAC'25), Elif Naz Güler (TAC'25) 11IB-10IB

HYDROPHILE: Ece Aytan (TAC'25), September Dobaç (TAC'25) 10IB

BTD: Bora Ceylan (TAC'25), Bora Bostan (TAC'25), Ilgın Irmak Güzel (TAC'25), Helin Baba (TAC'25), Buğra Esen (TAC'25) (10IB)

WATERFAIRES: Melis Ata (TAC'24), Naz Kurtuluş (TAC'24), 11IB

EQUINOX INDUSTRIES: Nazlı Fesli (TAC'24), Su Özkul (TAC'24), Efe İnan (TAC'24), Emir Güney (TAC'24), Benan Güneş (TAC'24), 11IB

Next step will be idea generation on the part of the teams, which were created for the competition, who will enter these into the system.

We wish all TAC students involved the best of luck and also thank Emircan Özyürekoğlu from grade 11 IB for the poster he designed for the event.

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