Week of June 1-5


It's the first of the last five Mondays for the Year. Make it a great week!

Edutopia Articles on End of Year assignments

8th grade teacher, Laura Bradley shares end of year final assessment in this link and Rebecca Alber shares a few end of year activities in this link

Teaching & Tech Tip: 10 Google Tools That Make Your Life Easier

Click this link for 10 Google Resources to use with your students.

3 Things Students Want to Hear From Their Teachers

Excellent Article from Lori Desautels that goes along with the social-emotional part of learning and teaching.

Parent Orientation for Incoming 6th graders June 11th!

To date we have very few who have RSVP to Cheryl regarding parent orientation for the incoming 6th grade class. This night is a great way to promote your clubs and sports. In addition, it's a great way to meet the parents and show them what MAMS is all about. If you are going to attend, please let Cheryl know as soon as possible.

Creating PDPs--Due June 23rd

When creating PDPs, please keep mind these three points:

  1. one area derived from the results of the teacher’s most recent annual performance evaluation;
  2. one area aligned to the teacher’s role as a member of a professional learning team, as appropriate; and
  3. one area aligned with school or district improvement goals, as appropriate.

Try to create professional development plans that meet your individual goals as it pertains to your content and pedagogy. You don't need to score less than a three in a component for it to be an area of focus.

As it pertains to your evaluations you might consider:

  • Designing Tiered Instruction/Assessments (1e, 1c, 1e, 1f, 3c, 3d)
  • Increasing student engagement by providing choice (1b, 1e,1f, 3c, 3d)
  • Utilize project based learning to increase engagement (1a, 1c, 1e, 1f, 2b, 3c, 3d),
  • Designing clear criteria for all assessments and empowering students to assist with criteria (1e, 3d)

As it pertains to a professional learning community you might:

  • work with content partners to analyze common assessments utilizing data to adjust instruction (see link below)
  • work with content partners to devise project based learning lessons with plans to implement at least one per month
  • work with grade level to create monthly themes to be used in all content areas or for grade level activities
  • work with content partners to create tiered lessons/assessments

As it pertains to school or district goals:

  • With the onset of 1:1 ratio for computers to students, school goal will be increased use of Google apps for education with a strong focus on utilizing google classroom
  • Another school goal will be the reduction in paper use with the 1:1 initiative. The number of copies is astronomical. The month of April; alone, we made over 80,000 copies. While we won't be paperless, we will look to get close
  • Reduction in discipline and a focus on increased implementation of PBS


Please start accessing your GMAIL as the district will be moving away from Outlook and soley using GMAIL before the end of the year. This link is a tutorial on how to use and the features of GMAIL

Cartoon Corner

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Co-Teaching and it's effect on 2015-16 schedule

In order to satisfy our implementation of quality co-teaching it is important to understand that co-teachers will need to teach sections on both teams. This is to avoid having one team labeled as the special education team and one labeled the honors team. We are all in agreement this would not be a good practice. To accomplish this ICR co-teaching pairs have to teach a section on each team. In addition, general education teachers will also have to teach a section on both teams, as well. As stated, we can keep the students on one team.


  • Start checking in on your mail to get accustomed prior to the change over. If you need assistance, please don't hesitate to ask.
  • If you are going to take classes outside, please alert the front office and be sure to have your cell phone on you in case we need to get in touch with you to find a student for other reasons.
  • If you are going to order lunch, please leave the money (and tip) with the main office and let them know where to reach you to alert you that your food has arrived.
  • If you have yet to do so, please check your PD hours. If you find they are incorrect, please add the hours you feel are missing and turn it in to main office and we will send it to Fran Ferrara at Central Office.

Important Upcoming Dates

May 4-June 8: DRA Spring (ELA Teachers)

June 2: Art Show at the Public Library 6:30

June 2: Sports Awards

June 4: Choral Concert

June 4 and June 9: Lloyd Road Orientation for incoming 6th graders

June 11: Parent orientation for incoming 6th graders.

June 23: Individual PDPs for 15-16 due

June 25: 8th Grade Promotion Ceremony @ Brookdale

EDCAMP JERSEY SHORE--Registration Link Below

I am proud to be part of the planning of Edcamp Jersey Shore. It will take place on August 28, 2015 at Middletown High School South. More details to come shortly. You can follow on twitter @edcampnjshore To register click this link: