Daily Fun Challenge

Out now! Download if you dare!

Ask an ostrich for directions? why? because the app told me to!

Daily Fun Challenge

By cathsworld.com

Is everyday life boring you to tears? Do you have the urge to hug a tree, or set a friends alarm for 2am? Well, how does getting a random challenge, every day, and telling everyone about it sound?

Wear odd shoes, play air guitar in a library, there are so many generated challenges that are sent directly to you every day, whether you choose to accept or decline them, it's up to you.

But, of course, it's more fun with friends, so use our challenge button to compete against friends of your choice, and race them to see who completes today's challenge first.

Funny, random, and entertaining, this app will leave you in stitches, and everyone else too. Download, if you dare!