Max the Mighty

Hayley Cannon

Max the Mighty

The book is called Max the Mighty written by Rodman Philbrick. With a lexile of 930.

The book, Max the Mighty, is about a girl, Worm, who has grew up with her mother and step father. But when Max goes to find Worm at her house he finds that Worm and her mother were in a terrifying situation. The only way to save them is to find Worms darkest secret.


I think that Max the Mighty is a great book. There are many different obstacles they have to face so its not a boring, everything happens perfectly type of book its interesting it makes you want to know what will happen next. They have happy parts sad parts and mad parts, so it has different emotions, then being happy, sad or mad through the whole book it surprises you with all the different actions and events going on. I like this book and I would defiantly recommend it.


Most important characters:

Rachel (Worm): 11 year old.

Max: 14 year old.

Undertaker: Worms step father.

Dip: Bus driver

Other Characters:

Hobo Joe: Train helper.

Grim and Gram: Maxs grandparents

Worms mother and father

Frank and Joanie: Runaways

The police men

Best Quotes

"My name is Maxwell Kane and the thing you should know about me is this: even though I'm a big dude with a face like the moon and ears that stick out like radar scoops and humungous feet like the abdominal snowman, inside I'm a real weenie." (page one)

"Eyes so bright they paint us with light. Eyes so bright its like looking into the sun. Which must be what dragon eyes look like they want to eat you up, or burn you to a crisp." (page 145)

"I pick worm up and hold her tight so the wind doesn't blow her away." (page 145)

"in the dark Worm says, "I gave my father back his light. So he can find his way in the dark, like I did." (page 156)

"The last thing I remember is how much it sounds like the ocean. Like waves crashing, and seagulls screaming, and gravel caught in the undertow." (page 162)