stop cyberbullying

What Is Cyberbullying?

"Cyberbullying is tormenting someone using the Internet to humiliate them. You can also blackmail them. This is illegal, and whoever does it can get into big trouble. If the schools hear about it they are most likely to try and solve the problem, because this is very serious."

Why Should It Stop?

"Cyberbullying needs to stop, it's against the law. You can get into a lot of trouble by doing this." Cyberbullying is a lose-lose situation, you can really hurt someone's feelings, and you get into a lot of trouble, with the law and the schools."

What Can Cyberbullying Do?

Kids that get cyber bullied go through so much tormenting, that it can mess up the rest of their life. When they go to school they are under so much stress of someone making fun of her/him that they lose focus so they aren't getting the education they need so they won't get the schools they wanted. Then they won't get into a good college that specializes in the job they want. Lastly they don't get the job they want all because of a bully from their childhood.

How Can We Prevent Cyberbullying?

We can Make posters in the real world and digitally. We can also spread kindness by spreading good things about people, such as, something they did for there family or someone else. The final thing you can do is compliment someone, because that can inspire them to do something for someone else.