Classroom Thoughts...

From Your Room Moms

Dear Parents,

We are excited about starting 2nd grade with Mrs. DuBois! We hope this year will be filled with lots of learning, fun, and memories!

Room Fund

To make things easier, we would like to collect a lump sum of money at the beginning of the school year. This will be put into our classroom fund and used for our parties, silent auction basket, and more.

Please send $40 to Mrs. DuBois, in a sealed envelope. Please put your child's name, your name on it, and "Room Fund." If we could gather all money by September 6th, this would be great!

If you need to send a check, you can make it out to Kelly Gardner.

Silent Auction Basket

We all know this event comes quickly! As we begin thinking about a theme for this year's basket(s), please let me know if you have any special items/services you would like to donate. Many of us have jobs, talents, etc. that might be a source of a donation. While some of the room fund will be used to purchase the basket for this year and a few items, we will also need some additional donations. It's good to get a jump on this.

You can email the room mothers to let us know of something you'd like to donate.

We will need to have all items for the basket in by September 30th.

Classroom Nut Allergy

We have a serious nut allergy in the classroom. Many people do not realize the numerous ways that children can be exposed to nuts or nut products. Foods may contain nuts, nut oil, or nut pieces, but foods may also come in contact with nuts through processing and manufacturing equipment. Other children may expose one another to nuts when hands are not washed, or an area is not thoroughly cleaned after eating nut products. When baking/cooking at home, nut pieces, dust, etc. may also contaminate foods that do not even contain nuts.

In order to keep all of our children safe at school, Mrs. DuBois has made her classroom a NUT FREE ZONE. We are asking that you check very carefully before sending in products for the class. Anything purchased should be checked to see if it contains nuts, was processed on equipment that processes nuts, or made in a facility that processes nuts.

IF you would like to make something for your student's special day, we can make sure that students with the nut allergy have an alternate snack. If you have questions about what is okay to bring, make, buy, etc., please contact Heather Pontes:

More information about nut allergies:

Meet the Room Moms

Kelly Gardner

Hello! I am excited about being a room mother this year. My husband, Rob, and I have three children. This is Allison's (Ally) second year at Britt David. We also have a 4 year old daughter and a 7 month old son. I was an English teacher at Jordan High School for several years, and now I work for the GA Department of Education as an online instructor with Georgia Virtual School.

Amber Hansen

I am happy to be a room mom this year! My husband, Uel, and I have five children. Lexi 15, Cade 9, Carter 7, Luke 4, and a foster baby, Emily 10 months. Cade 4th grade and Carter 2nd grade have both attended Britt David for the last few years and love it. I am a stay at home mom and enjoy being involved with the kids at school when I can. I look forward to a wonderful year working with you all!