Resources of a Rainforest

There are many rainforests that offer and provide us with resources. Many of these resources are things that we use in our daily life such as foods and products, fibres and woods, and oils- cosmetic, soaps, etc.

Even though many of these rainforests are benificial & crucial for the human race, they are actually causing a major problem in the rainforests. All these woods and fibres that we are taking from the rainforests to create products,are actually destructing ,destroying and decreasing the amount of animal's habitat.This eventually could cause animal extinction especially since we are destroying the habitats that consist of the the highest levels of biodiversity such as tropical trees.The amount of resources that we are taking from the rainforests are also threatening them.Deforestation causes climate change which impacts people's live hoods and kills many species of animals.Not only that but if humans aren't being sustainable then we are also diminishing one of Earth's treasure-Trees, which provide us with over 20% of the world's oxygen-something we need in order to live.