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Organic Decaf Coffee - Its Decaffeinating Process

A lot of people have never given thought to how coffee or tea is decaffeinated. What is the process and is organic coffee decaffeinated differently than regular coffee? First, there is no way to remove 100% of the caffeine from coffee, although you'll be able to get pretty close.

Most decaf coffees are about 98% free of caffeine - enough to be termed decaf. Since caffeine is a water-soluble substance, it's not terribly hard to remove the caffeine using water, but it surely has to be done right to keep the coffee's flavor. Water is a major component in any decaffeinating process - constantly it is used via a steam method or with the water at extremely high temperatures.

nonorganic coffee will likely be decaffeinated by the Methylene Chloride Method, or the Traditional Method. Methylene Chloride molecules bond to caffeine substances during a steaming process and pulls them away from the coffee bean. Methylene Chloride is a solvent and while the following decaffeinating process is deemed safe, and the solvent is recycled or reused after the process, worries strive about its overall safety.

The preferred and most commonly used method for making organic best decaf coffee is the Swiss Mineral water Process. This uses an activated charcoal filter to pull the caffeine molecules away from the all natural coffee bean during a steam process. This method is the most natural way of removing caffeine from coffee and is safe since the device uses no chemical solvents.

People drink organic coffee because they want natual grown. It's good to learn that the process used to make your coffee into organic decaf coffee is a natural process that gives you no chemical risks with it.

Should You Drink Decaf Coffee?

Taking in coffee can give you much health benefits. You can get antioxidants that can help your body relieve itself from damage, or even lower your chances to have a heart disease. But as it is ideal to drink coffee for the benefits it can present you with, there are still some drawbacks that can be associated to the consumption of this beverage. Decaffeinated coffee, or decaf coffee, is usually said to be prepared in order to lessen these drawbacks, but the question still remains-should you drink decaf coffee?

Decaffeinated coffee, as the name suggests, is coffee that is freed from caffeine. Many people pinpoint the health problems to this caffeine intake. The health problems that are said to be caused by this substance are high blood pressure, anxiety and irritability, trouble with sleeping, and even insomnia. So by consuming decaf coffee, you may be able to prevent these from occurring.

Since we have stated the probable health benefits that can be derived from decaf coffee, we should now answer the question if you happen to really should drink this kind of coffee. This question is not easily answered because there are still no concrete studies that can point that caffeine is indeed the cause of the health problems. Also, the fact that the coffee is decaffeinated will not be certain that it is safe as there are ways of taking out caffeine from coffee that can turn out to be harmful.

The first few cases of extracting caffeine came around at early 20th century. By that time, caffeine extraction was done by employing chemicals that could be potentially harmful to the body. Even though the utilization of these harmful chemicals were ceased in this age, there might still be few instances that a hazardous solvent would be accidentally used in the process. When planning to drink decaf java, you should make sure that the process it has undergone was approved by the different health organizations. Also, If you are a expecting a baby woman, then it is ideal that you do not drink decaffeinated coffee especially if you do not know what kind of substance was useful to eliminate the caffeine. The substance used may turn out to be harmful to you and your baby. As they say, it's advisable be safe than sorry.

Health is wealth. This saying cannot be any less true each time you glimpse upon it. So if you are truly concerned about your health, it is best to confer with your doctor if you should switch to decaf flavored coffee. After verifying the safety of the decaf coffee, go ahead and indulge. Also, upon drinking it for the primary few times, check if your body has some abnormal reaction to the beverage. If violent reactions crop up, stop taking it for your wellbeing.