By Dylan Nicholson


In my story I will tell you all about Benjerman Franklin. Like about in his Early life he had 16 other brothers and sisters! Also he was in school until he was ten years old.(that's it!!). Did you know who made electricity. It was Ben in1752. Those are some things about Ben Franklin read on to find out more

Early Life

In this chapter i will tell you about Ben's early child hood. First he was born in Boston Massachusetts. He was born on Jan. 17 1706. He was the 15th child with 16 other brothers ,and sisters. Ben had a big child hood with tons of other brothers and sisters.

School and apprentice

Did you know that Ben was a apprentice once? Keep reading on to find out more about it. He went to school only for two years. He stopped school when he was ten. He said he was the best at reading. After he stopped school he was a apprentice for his Dad. He worked at his dads shops. He only went to school for only a few years!!!


I bet you didn't know that Ben almost got shocked inventing Electric.if it wasn't for him we would not have T.V. or light. in 1752 Ben made electric. He made it by making a kite and putting a key at the end of it and it made a spark and their is electric. People thought that it would not work. A fun fact is he also invented batteries. If it was not for him we would not be able to see or watch T.V.


In conclusion Ben Fanklin was a big help. He had tons of brothers and sisters. He had a big lifetime working for his dad and going to school. Did you know he diddn't just make electric he also made batteries.


  1. apprentice-A person working for free
  2. invented-To make something for the first time
  3. tons-A unit of wight


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