Input and Output Devices

By Tencho Sherpa


These are some rare input and output devices! Enjoy! I hope this flyer helps you!

Input Devices

Bar Code Reader

It is a device which is used to read the code from the products which are usually in the form of Bars. It has a light sensitive detector which tells the cashier the values of the bars on the product & changes them into numeric code. These Bar Code Readers are mainly used in shopping malls

Light Pen

It is a pointing device which contains a photocell mounted at it's tip. It senses the light from the screen when it becomes closer to the screen, & generates a pulse. So for identifying a particular location on the screen these light pens are very useful. But these days, not much is in use.


The scanner is an input device like the photocopier machine which makes the electronic copy of the picture or document which can be further edited.

McDonald's Keyboard

The McDonald's keyboards are touch instead of pressing keys. For example if a person wants a Big Mac they just touch a picture of burger and fries! It is quite cool and easy!

Output Devices


A plotter can be used to make high quality, accurate, A3 size or bigger drawings.


Projectors get data from a computer or video source and project this data onto a screen. Projectors include electronic devices that display video and computer-based images or presentations and transparency devices that use a light source and lens to project an image from a transparent film medium.